2015 Presentations

You can download the presentation files to sessions from this year’s conference below.

Session Presenter
Curtis McGrath - Plenary: One Wrong Step (all delegates) Curtis McGrath Download
GI101 - Andrew Thomas - I know where the bodies are buried! Andrew Thomas Download
GI102 - Bill Galligan - From analogue to digital Bill Galligan Download
GI103 - Ralph Bonig - Cyber times and insurance Ralph Bonig Download
GI104 - Remko - Unlocking the Black Box of Claims Management Remko H. Jacobs Download
GI105 - Julie Mackay - Where is your success coming from? Julie Mackay Download
GI106 - Tony Dodd - Dealing with Pessimistic Underwriters Tony Dodd Download
GI202 - Greg Pynt - Oh behave Greg Pynt Download
GI203 - Brian Siemsen - Claims re-imagined: the first 72 hours Brian Siemsen Download
GI206 - Professor Allan Manning - Flood - pricing and mitigation Professor Allan Manning Download
GI301 - Professor Allan Manning - Lessons learnt from recent events Professor Allan Manning Download
PIM101 - Janelle Russ - Younger Onset Dementia Janelle Russ Download
PIM105 - Natalie Bottroff - Influencing return to work Natalie Bottroff Download
PIM202 - Dr Peter Steadman - Which test is best? Learn about different medical investigations Dr Peter Steadman Download
PIM203 - Angela Pilcher - PREHAB: management strategies for prevention of workplace injuries Angela Pilcher Download
PIM206 - Scott Bevis - What about me? Maintaining personal resilience whilst working in the injury management industry Scott Bevis Download
PIM301 - Dr Matthew Hope - Which test is best? Learn about different medical investigations Dr Matthew Hope Download
PIM302 - Nathan Clarke - Recent developments in personal injury management training Nathan Clarke Download